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News on Apple iOS 6

Siri in Spanish, new navigation maps by Tom Tom, integration with Facebook or use FaceTime without wifi are some of the main new features of iOS 6, the new Apple’s mobile operating system.

With the arrival on the market of iOS 6, Apple wanted to launch a product that solves more tasks of the users of its mobile devices every day. It is distinguished from its main competitors and attract more customers in a market, such as technology, so competitive.

Users of iPhone 3GS and 4S, second and third generation iPod Touch and iPad and can enjoy iOS 6, which according to the company on the block, is the most advanced in the world thanks to the integrated technology. Also:

Interface. Simple to use and with the revolutionary Multi-Touch iOS.
Numerous features and applications (apps) integrated. Siri, Safari, Messages, Maps, AirPlay, Game Center …
Hardware and software. Their integration allows better use of their services.
iCloud. All content on Apple devices.
Easy to update. It is free and can be downloaded wirelessly.

Top new

But then, in addition, the U.S. company has developed a system that now has more features. Includes many new features, but not all are compatible with Apple devices that exist in the market (and earlier versions) and the operation of its benefits is not the same in all countries.

The most important new iOS 6 are:

Maps. Apple has broken definitively with Google and the company partners with TomTom to develop an app completely designed from scratch, with spoken instructions step by step, interactive 3D views and functionality that allows flying Flyover cities.
Siri in Spanish. This virtual personal assistant can guide us in Castilian for any point on the map and use your voice to explanations, write a message and doubts.
Passbook. Loyalty cards, shipping, coupons, movie tickets will be in one place. We just have to open Passbook and play the pass we need.
Facebook. Interact is easier, because you do not need to leave the app and you only need to log on to Facebook once. We publish directly contained in the network.
Photo Stream. You can share all the pictures. We can even watch them on Apple TV Streaming shared. Also, do not take up space in iCloud.
FaceTime without wifi. Works with cellular and wifi so we can use it anywhere.
Apple Mail has redesigned a new front in the mail to read and write more easily and allows us to create a VIP list to keep important messages, add photos and videos to the emails …
Safari. Improved browser. Record the links on our reading list and Websites to continue reading them, even though we have no internet connection.

Other important features of the new Apple system are the new features for calls on the iPhone, including voicemail, messages, reminders, and more accessible for people with visual impairments, hearing, mobility or learning are easier to use iOS.
Improvements in the new version

Four months after the release of iOS 6, Apple released last January with the new iOS 6.1 update that improves compatibility with operators LTE (Long Term Evolution fourth generation mobile networks or high speed), allows downloading of songs iCloud loose and includes a button to reset the identifier advertising.

Subsequently, the U.S. firm released version 6.1.1 only for iPhone 4S users that solves a problem found in iOS 6.1 connectivity related to mobile data networks and increased battery wear.

And the last is the iOs 6.1.2 to solve the problems created in Exchange accounts of smartphones with the new mobile operating system also waned the battery. However, it does not solve all security issues that have been observed since the latest update, so perhaps users will soon have one more date.

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