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How to save on shopping cart through our Smartphone

They come to help us control our budget, to find the cheapest gas stations or even to exercise our minds and record all the details of our exercise, for example. Our Smartphone applications help us in our day to day and now also allow us to save on our shopping cart.

The consumption habits are changing by the Spanish crisis. Consumers care most about what we put in our shopping cart, and so has the number of private label products that we brought home. Buyers also look for the best prices by comparing products in various shopping centers and benefit from the coupons, or gift certificates for promotions such as “Buy three, pay two”, or discounts of “x percent” in the second or third units .

We have also increased Outlet Shopping and perform online for discounts offered by these sites physical and / or virtual. And is that the Internet has become a great ally for us to find the best deals and prices. The data so themselves: 89 percent of consumers use the network as a channel for information search in their buying process. The reason is that many data can be found on many products and in different stores. And all this just with a mouse click.
Apps that help us to save at the supermarket

More functional, understood by close and transportable, is the technology that accompanies our smartphones, and also helps us in our domestic economy. We can not forget that we have the Smartphone to all sites and use them for everything (or almost), so we also took them to make the purchase. Besides being our display digital shopping list are applications (apps) to help us pay less for what we put in our cars and thus control our expenses.

Supertruper is the case (Apple Store, Google Play), an app that allows you to compare prices of products in supermarkets. This way you always know what place is cheaper. We scan the barcode or type your name to make our shopping list. The application can tell us what store has lower price compares a product or our full list supermarkets, so that tells us where we get our shopping cheaper. The download for this application, for both platforms, is free.

With Out of milk can do and see the shopping list, control what products we have in the pantry and in what quantity. This application allows us to scan the bar codes of the products or enter the name of the items you want and show all or part of the invoice of our purchases. It also functions as a kind of a reminder of the pending tasks. This app is free.

MyShopi allows the shopping list quickly. It has a base image and other generic names of products (bread, milk for example) that we can click to select the products you want and organize them by categories. We can also create lists per person (the products that are for a particular family member) or commercial establishment. All thanks to this free application.

Also free is the shopping-Fiverfly My app, that allows you an easy and simple shopping we do for home, office or business. It separates the products lists and organize them by categories, to see them better, we can give different colors. We can also include bar codes of the products, photos and even discount coupons for the total amount we will pay.

Shopping list will help us make the product list, especially if we buy often. This free app allows us to highlight the items that we consider as most important and also mark the ones already purchased.

Meanwhile, Displaying help us forget that they are not any products that we need to buy. We can make several lists with the most common items, select those that want to buy at that time and are highlighted with a white background. As we buy those items change color background. This application for our Smartphone is also free.

Another interesting application, plus free, is QueMeOfertas. In this case we can browse catalogs and brochures of shops, supermarkets and checking our smart phone. The information is updated at the same time which is published on the web. It is aimed at those who pay special attention to saving, for those who want to look different from a terminal leaflets and want to prevent the printed paper.

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