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iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3, what smartphone I choose?

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are the two smartphones sold in the world, with a clear advantage Apple’s model which has emerged as a leader in sales in 2012. Although both have some overlap, there are important technical differences.

Apple and Samsung both have become major competitors (Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC) and users, in reference of smartphones with their model iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Both high-end mobile monopolize most of the market.

The Strategy Analytics study reveals that the iPhone 5 is the biggest seller. In the last quarter of 2012, 27.4 million were sold worldwide, while the Galaxy S3 remained in third place, behind the iPhone 4S, with 15.4 million units sold. Apple takes hold well in the competitive smartphone sector monopolizing the market 20.6 percent vs. 7.1 Samsung.
iPhone 5

Apple took a huge leap with the first generation iPhone, a model that has continued to develop and evolve in subsequent releases. And fifth, filed last September, aims to distance with rivals. Its main features are:

Elegant design. Slim, stylish and lightweight (0.76 cm thick and 112 grams in weight).
Display. With Retina Display technology is four inches and 1,136 x 640 pixels. It is bigger and brighter, as wide as the iPhone 4S to use only one hand.
Wireless chromatography. The iPhone 5 is connected to more networks around the world, including the most advanced as HSPA, HSPA + and DC-HSDPA. And with great speed to navigate. It has dual band wifi.
Processor. Apple has placed the A6 Chip, allowing you to go faster and provides increased performance and reduces power consumption to a minimum with iOS 6. In addition, its battery lasts for up to eight hours talk time and navigation.

House. 8 megapixel, with greater stability and allows you to take snapshots while recording video.

Price. Varies according to the models and ranges from 669 euros from 16 Gigabyte (GB) through the 769′s 32GB, 64GB for 869.

Galaxy S3

This handset from Samsung is standing up to the apple company in the field of smartphones. It highlights issues such as:

Design. Soft lines and rounded, with a minimalist design. It weighs 133 grams and measures 136.6 in size, 70.6 wide and 8.6 mm thick.
Display. Is 4.8 inches, which allows for great viewing content, record video, take pictures … Its Super AMOLED HD screen is 1280 x 720 resolution.
Processor. Use the Exynos Quad core with 1 GB of RAM, which facilitates the user to do several functions at once on the screen, such as writing messages and videos. It has a removable battery, but users can have another extra internal battery, lasting eight hours.
House. It is similar to the iPhone 5, but the difference is that the operating system S3 then processed images and instantly share with whoever we want. Its camera is 8 megapixels with LED flash, backlit sensor.
Price. Model varies between 548 and 676 euros.

Main differences

After knowing the salient features of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, see some of their differences.

OS. The model uses the iOS 6.0 Apple and Samsung on Android 4.0.
Robustness. The iPhone 5 is more resistant to falls, is built on the back of an aluminum housing, while the S3 it is mainly in polycarbonate.
Dimensions. In the largest size is Samsung, 13.66, compared with 12.38 for iPhone5, but are almost identical weight: 133 grams against 112 Apple.
Display. The Apple is 4 inches and Samsung 4.8.
Processor. The model of Samsung has NFC, something that is Apple.
Maps and barometer. The Galaxy S3 uses Google maps and iPhone 5 uses own. Another difference is that Samsung incorporates a barometer, which does not happen on its rival.
Price. There is a difference of 121-193 euros between the two models for the Galaxy S3.

Now that you know the specifics of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 Which do you prefer?

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