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Mini iPad or iPad: What do we choose?

They are perfectly compatible models competing in a market increasingly demanding. Their main differences are in the size, screen and price, about 70 euros less than iPad Mini respect to conventional, that put the user in the difficult commitment to what to buy.

IPad marketing in 2010 by Apple meant a success and a technological revolution that opened the world the tablet market. Almost three years after the occurrence of the same phenomenon, but with his younger brother, the iPad Mini, which has made a huge impact, with sales only in the months of November and December 2012 could have reached six or seven million units.

But the iPad Mini represents a revolution not only for Apple, but also a change in its own direction and strategy to create a tablet with a smaller screen (7.9 inches), the conventional model (9.7), which was opposition of the creator of the company, the late Steve Jobs.

The apple company is experiencing a great moment, because of the large number of sales of iPad Mini must be added the 69 million iPads sold. Thus, in 2012 has captured 19.9 percent of all technology products sold in the United States, 2.6 percent more than in 2011. Added to this is also the best-selling iPhone 5 smartphone.
Characteristics of the two models

Some of the main hallmarks of the iPad Mini are

Endowment. IPad has the best of conventional, with fast performance, FaceTime camera and iSight
Display. And passes is reduced to 7.9 inches, with bright colors and crisp.
Connecting chromatography. Technology WiFi twice as fast than in previous generations, and allows access to mobile networks worldwide.
Lots of apps. The functional iPad designed for the same on the Mini.
Autonomy. As in the conventional model, has up to ten hours of wifi browsing and nine hours through mobile networks.
Price. Since the model 329 euros of 16 gigabytes (GB) to 32 GB and 429 euros 529 64 GB.

And as for the conventional iPad, their characteristics are very similar to the Mini, with some peculiarities:

Display. 9.7-inches.
Capacity. It goes from 16 to 128 GB.
Chip. A6X dual core with quad-core graphics processor.
SIM card. Micro SIM and Lightning connector.
Smart Wizard. Send messages, with the inclusion of our own voice reminders.
Price. The 16GB costs 499 euros, the 32 GB, 599, the 64 GB, 699 euros, and 128 GB, 799 euros.

Main differences

Users face the dilemma of which model to buy, when there are more similarities than differences between the iPad Mini and iPad conventional. Here are the main:

Size. The iPad Mini is lighter, smaller and more manageable than the iPad, which facilitates mobility. It measures 20 x 13.47 centimeters (cm), a thickness of 0.72 cm and a weight of 308 grams, compared to 24.12 x 18.57 cm measurement, thickness of 0.94 cm and weight of 652 grams of the iPad.
Display. It is one of the major variants. A 7.9-inch screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (px), compared to the conventional iPad 9.7 and resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 px. Moreover, the model does not have Mini Retina display, which does have its big brother, which allows better resolution and high quality.
Energy consumption. The iPad has a higher energy consumption for its Retina display model.
Price. Not as important as it might seem at first glance. The Mini is priced at 329 euros, a difference of 70 euros less than the conventional one, whose value reaches 399 euros, and 170 more than the iPad with Retina display, which amounts to 499 euros.
Functionality. The two Apple models are compatible, but there are activities performed better on the iPad Mini (read in iBooks, draw, query data, use it on trips) than the iPad (work presentations, view movies, games) .

Now that you know more detail the specifics of the iPad Mini and iPad, what you choose?

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