Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

News about the Samsung Galaxy S4

Each day gets closer the date that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be revealed. Until now, many things have been said about this team, but few have actually been confirmed. According to the company, at the “Ready 4 the show”, to be held on March 14, will become official disclosures on this smartphone.

According to what we can tell, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be quite similar to the Galaxy S3, only somewhat larger. The quintessential building material is plastic, and they have done very well with this on other computers as 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Note and Note2 S3 models. According to the CEO of Samsung, Lee Kun Hee, the plastic is a flexible, durable and short production time, so teams can make according to demand.
A new very useful for mobile users of the brand is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and scroll functions incorporate automatic pauses in videos, based on the movement of the eyes. In other words, if before the Galaxy S3 could keep the screen unlocked to note that the user was watching, now with the Samsung Galaxy S4 automatic scrolling will download or upload content according to what the person is seeing. In the same way, the video recording is paused when the user is not pending in the screen.
Who knows what other feature for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 surprise us. Few days left to submit official team. And if the S3 and it was a blast, it seems that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 will also be a success.

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