Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

News about the Samsung Galaxy S4

Each day gets closer the date that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be revealed. Until now, many things have been said about this team, but few have actually been confirmed. According to the company, at the “Ready 4 the show”, to be held on March 14, will become official disclosures on this smartphone.

According to what we can tell, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be quite similar to the Galaxy S3, only somewhat larger. The quintessential building material is plastic, and they have done very well with this on other computers as 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Note and Note2 S3 models. According to the CEO of Samsung, Lee Kun Hee, the plastic is a flexible, durable and short production time, so teams can make according to demand.
A new very useful for mobile users of the brand is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and scroll functions incorporate automatic pauses in videos, based on the movement of the eyes. In other words, if before the Galaxy S3 could keep the screen unlocked to note that the user was watching, now with the Samsung Galaxy S4 automatic scrolling will download or upload content according to what the person is seeing. In the same way, the video recording is paused when the user is not pending in the screen.
Who knows what other feature for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 surprise us. Few days left to submit official team. And if the S3 and it was a blast, it seems that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 will also be a success.

How to save on shopping cart through our Smartphone

They come to help us control our budget, to find the cheapest gas stations or even to exercise our minds and record all the details of our exercise, for example. Our Smartphone applications help us in our day to day and now also allow us to save on our shopping cart.

The consumption habits are changing by the Spanish crisis. Consumers care most about what we put in our shopping cart, and so has the number of private label products that we brought home. Buyers also look for the best prices by comparing products in various shopping centers and benefit from the coupons, or gift certificates for promotions such as “Buy three, pay two”, or discounts of “x percent” in the second or third units .

We have also increased Outlet Shopping and perform online for discounts offered by these sites physical and / or virtual. And is that the Internet has become a great ally for us to find the best deals and prices. The data so themselves: 89 percent of consumers use the network as a channel for information search in their buying process. The reason is that many data can be found on many products and in different stores. And all this just with a mouse click.
Apps that help us to save at the supermarket

More functional, understood by close and transportable, is the technology that accompanies our smartphones, and also helps us in our domestic economy. We can not forget that we have the Smartphone to all sites and use them for everything (or almost), so we also took them to make the purchase. Besides being our display digital shopping list are applications (apps) to help us pay less for what we put in our cars and thus control our expenses.

Supertruper is the case (Apple Store, Google Play), an app that allows you to compare prices of products in supermarkets. This way you always know what place is cheaper. We scan the barcode or type your name to make our shopping list. The application can tell us what store has lower price compares a product or our full list supermarkets, so that tells us where we get our shopping cheaper. The download for this application, for both platforms, is free.

With Out of milk can do and see the shopping list, control what products we have in the pantry and in what quantity. This application allows us to scan the bar codes of the products or enter the name of the items you want and show all or part of the invoice of our purchases. It also functions as a kind of a reminder of the pending tasks. This app is free.

MyShopi allows the shopping list quickly. It has a base image and other generic names of products (bread, milk for example) that we can click to select the products you want and organize them by categories. We can also create lists per person (the products that are for a particular family member) or commercial establishment. All thanks to this free application.

Also free is the shopping-Fiverfly My app, that allows you an easy and simple shopping we do for home, office or business. It separates the products lists and organize them by categories, to see them better, we can give different colors. We can also include bar codes of the products, photos and even discount coupons for the total amount we will pay.

Shopping list will help us make the product list, especially if we buy often. This free app allows us to highlight the items that we consider as most important and also mark the ones already purchased.

Meanwhile, Displaying help us forget that they are not any products that we need to buy. We can make several lists with the most common items, select those that want to buy at that time and are highlighted with a white background. As we buy those items change color background. This application for our Smartphone is also free.

Another interesting application, plus free, is QueMeOfertas. In this case we can browse catalogs and brochures of shops, supermarkets and checking our smart phone. The information is updated at the same time which is published on the web. It is aimed at those who pay special attention to saving, for those who want to look different from a terminal leaflets and want to prevent the printed paper.

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3, what smartphone I choose?

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are the two smartphones sold in the world, with a clear advantage Apple’s model which has emerged as a leader in sales in 2012. Although both have some overlap, there are important technical differences.

Apple and Samsung both have become major competitors (Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC) and users, in reference of smartphones with their model iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Both high-end mobile monopolize most of the market.

The Strategy Analytics study reveals that the iPhone 5 is the biggest seller. In the last quarter of 2012, 27.4 million were sold worldwide, while the Galaxy S3 remained in third place, behind the iPhone 4S, with 15.4 million units sold. Apple takes hold well in the competitive smartphone sector monopolizing the market 20.6 percent vs. 7.1 Samsung.
iPhone 5

Apple took a huge leap with the first generation iPhone, a model that has continued to develop and evolve in subsequent releases. And fifth, filed last September, aims to distance with rivals. Its main features are:

Elegant design. Slim, stylish and lightweight (0.76 cm thick and 112 grams in weight).
Display. With Retina Display technology is four inches and 1,136 x 640 pixels. It is bigger and brighter, as wide as the iPhone 4S to use only one hand.
Wireless chromatography. The iPhone 5 is connected to more networks around the world, including the most advanced as HSPA, HSPA + and DC-HSDPA. And with great speed to navigate. It has dual band wifi.
Processor. Apple has placed the A6 Chip, allowing you to go faster and provides increased performance and reduces power consumption to a minimum with iOS 6. In addition, its battery lasts for up to eight hours talk time and navigation.

House. 8 megapixel, with greater stability and allows you to take snapshots while recording video.

Price. Varies according to the models and ranges from 669 euros from 16 Gigabyte (GB) through the 769′s 32GB, 64GB for 869.

Galaxy S3

This handset from Samsung is standing up to the apple company in the field of smartphones. It highlights issues such as:

Design. Soft lines and rounded, with a minimalist design. It weighs 133 grams and measures 136.6 in size, 70.6 wide and 8.6 mm thick.
Display. Is 4.8 inches, which allows for great viewing content, record video, take pictures … Its Super AMOLED HD screen is 1280 x 720 resolution.
Processor. Use the Exynos Quad core with 1 GB of RAM, which facilitates the user to do several functions at once on the screen, such as writing messages and videos. It has a removable battery, but users can have another extra internal battery, lasting eight hours.
House. It is similar to the iPhone 5, but the difference is that the operating system S3 then processed images and instantly share with whoever we want. Its camera is 8 megapixels with LED flash, backlit sensor.
Price. Model varies between 548 and 676 euros.

Main differences

After knowing the salient features of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, see some of their differences.

OS. The model uses the iOS 6.0 Apple and Samsung on Android 4.0.
Robustness. The iPhone 5 is more resistant to falls, is built on the back of an aluminum housing, while the S3 it is mainly in polycarbonate.
Dimensions. In the largest size is Samsung, 13.66, compared with 12.38 for iPhone5, but are almost identical weight: 133 grams against 112 Apple.
Display. The Apple is 4 inches and Samsung 4.8.
Processor. The model of Samsung has NFC, something that is Apple.
Maps and barometer. The Galaxy S3 uses Google maps and iPhone 5 uses own. Another difference is that Samsung incorporates a barometer, which does not happen on its rival.
Price. There is a difference of 121-193 euros between the two models for the Galaxy S3.

Now that you know the specifics of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 Which do you prefer?

News on Apple iOS 6

Siri in Spanish, new navigation maps by Tom Tom, integration with Facebook or use FaceTime without wifi are some of the main new features of iOS 6, the new Apple’s mobile operating system.

With the arrival on the market of iOS 6, Apple wanted to launch a product that solves more tasks of the users of its mobile devices every day. It is distinguished from its main competitors and attract more customers in a market, such as technology, so competitive.

Users of iPhone 3GS and 4S, second and third generation iPod Touch and iPad and can enjoy iOS 6, which according to the company on the block, is the most advanced in the world thanks to the integrated technology. Also:

Interface. Simple to use and with the revolutionary Multi-Touch iOS.
Numerous features and applications (apps) integrated. Siri, Safari, Messages, Maps, AirPlay, Game Center …
Hardware and software. Their integration allows better use of their services.
iCloud. All content on Apple devices.
Easy to update. It is free and can be downloaded wirelessly.

Top new

But then, in addition, the U.S. company has developed a system that now has more features. Includes many new features, but not all are compatible with Apple devices that exist in the market (and earlier versions) and the operation of its benefits is not the same in all countries.

The most important new iOS 6 are:

Maps. Apple has broken definitively with Google and the company partners with TomTom to develop an app completely designed from scratch, with spoken instructions step by step, interactive 3D views and functionality that allows flying Flyover cities.
Siri in Spanish. This virtual personal assistant can guide us in Castilian for any point on the map and use your voice to explanations, write a message and doubts.
Passbook. Loyalty cards, shipping, coupons, movie tickets will be in one place. We just have to open Passbook and play the pass we need.
Facebook. Interact is easier, because you do not need to leave the app and you only need to log on to Facebook once. We publish directly contained in the network.
Photo Stream. You can share all the pictures. We can even watch them on Apple TV Streaming shared. Also, do not take up space in iCloud.
FaceTime without wifi. Works with cellular and wifi so we can use it anywhere.
Apple Mail has redesigned a new front in the mail to read and write more easily and allows us to create a VIP list to keep important messages, add photos and videos to the emails …
Safari. Improved browser. Record the links on our reading list and Websites to continue reading them, even though we have no internet connection.

Other important features of the new Apple system are the new features for calls on the iPhone, including voicemail, messages, reminders, and more accessible for people with visual impairments, hearing, mobility or learning are easier to use iOS.
Improvements in the new version

Four months after the release of iOS 6, Apple released last January with the new iOS 6.1 update that improves compatibility with operators LTE (Long Term Evolution fourth generation mobile networks or high speed), allows downloading of songs iCloud loose and includes a button to reset the identifier advertising.

Subsequently, the U.S. firm released version 6.1.1 only for iPhone 4S users that solves a problem found in iOS 6.1 connectivity related to mobile data networks and increased battery wear.

And the last is the iOs 6.1.2 to solve the problems created in Exchange accounts of smartphones with the new mobile operating system also waned the battery. However, it does not solve all security issues that have been observed since the latest update, so perhaps users will soon have one more date.

Mini iPad or iPad: What do we choose?

They are perfectly compatible models competing in a market increasingly demanding. Their main differences are in the size, screen and price, about 70 euros less than iPad Mini respect to conventional, that put the user in the difficult commitment to what to buy.

IPad marketing in 2010 by Apple meant a success and a technological revolution that opened the world the tablet market. Almost three years after the occurrence of the same phenomenon, but with his younger brother, the iPad Mini, which has made a huge impact, with sales only in the months of November and December 2012 could have reached six or seven million units.

But the iPad Mini represents a revolution not only for Apple, but also a change in its own direction and strategy to create a tablet with a smaller screen (7.9 inches), the conventional model (9.7), which was opposition of the creator of the company, the late Steve Jobs.

The apple company is experiencing a great moment, because of the large number of sales of iPad Mini must be added the 69 million iPads sold. Thus, in 2012 has captured 19.9 percent of all technology products sold in the United States, 2.6 percent more than in 2011. Added to this is also the best-selling iPhone 5 smartphone.
Characteristics of the two models

Some of the main hallmarks of the iPad Mini are

Endowment. IPad has the best of conventional, with fast performance, FaceTime camera and iSight
Display. And passes is reduced to 7.9 inches, with bright colors and crisp.
Connecting chromatography. Technology WiFi twice as fast than in previous generations, and allows access to mobile networks worldwide.
Lots of apps. The functional iPad designed for the same on the Mini.
Autonomy. As in the conventional model, has up to ten hours of wifi browsing and nine hours through mobile networks.
Price. Since the model 329 euros of 16 gigabytes (GB) to 32 GB and 429 euros 529 64 GB.

And as for the conventional iPad, their characteristics are very similar to the Mini, with some peculiarities:

Display. 9.7-inches.
Capacity. It goes from 16 to 128 GB.
Chip. A6X dual core with quad-core graphics processor.
SIM card. Micro SIM and Lightning connector.
Smart Wizard. Send messages, with the inclusion of our own voice reminders.
Price. The 16GB costs 499 euros, the 32 GB, 599, the 64 GB, 699 euros, and 128 GB, 799 euros.

Main differences

Users face the dilemma of which model to buy, when there are more similarities than differences between the iPad Mini and iPad conventional. Here are the main:

Size. The iPad Mini is lighter, smaller and more manageable than the iPad, which facilitates mobility. It measures 20 x 13.47 centimeters (cm), a thickness of 0.72 cm and a weight of 308 grams, compared to 24.12 x 18.57 cm measurement, thickness of 0.94 cm and weight of 652 grams of the iPad.
Display. It is one of the major variants. A 7.9-inch screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (px), compared to the conventional iPad 9.7 and resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 px. Moreover, the model does not have Mini Retina display, which does have its big brother, which allows better resolution and high quality.
Energy consumption. The iPad has a higher energy consumption for its Retina display model.
Price. Not as important as it might seem at first glance. The Mini is priced at 329 euros, a difference of 70 euros less than the conventional one, whose value reaches 399 euros, and 170 more than the iPad with Retina display, which amounts to 499 euros.
Functionality. The two Apple models are compatible, but there are activities performed better on the iPad Mini (read in iBooks, draw, query data, use it on trips) than the iPad (work presentations, view movies, games) .

Now that you know more detail the specifics of the iPad Mini and iPad, what you choose?

The tablets in education sector

Books or tablets? 2.0 Classrooms are promoting the use of new technologies in education. The latest to join the classes, so far, are tablets that permit building a more interactive learning model.

First came the books and paper notebooks after computers and now tablets that are coming into the classroom. New technologies are transforming the education sector, little by little, is incorporating new tools and content to offer students a different way of learning.

The Observatory Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, has analyzed the possibilities of tablets as classroom resource. Thus, it emphasizes the versatility, portability and functionality, as well as ecological and economic savings that allow these devices:

Thanks to tablets prevents the use of paper, with consequent savings in household expenses in materials and natural resources.
Students access content quickly and easily and can show up (answers to tasks, corrections, etc..) The teacher and their classmates instantly. They would be connected at all times.
Increased interaction with students, so as to create a real network. This may encourage the participation of students, maintain their level of attention and interest in the subject being taught and to encourage their creativity, among others. At the same time, the teacher can know in real time the level of understanding of their students.

This also includes the results Observatory Project Pilot Tablet Acer and European Schoolnet on the educational use of tablets made in Spain and other European countries during 2011 and 2012.

In our country also launched another initiative of this kind during the 2010-2011 school year, Project and Education Ebook FINGERS, involving twenty pupils of primary and second Macotera CEO Miguel Delibes (Salamanca).
For and against

For now, the project calls 2.0 classrooms, virtual classrooms or classrooms with whiteboards takes very little time up and will have to wait until they made known the results of the reports made about the benefits and disadvantages of the use of tablets in education.

As usual, there are people who support this type of tool as a complement to traditional education and others disagree. In this sense wield the age at which you start to use tablets and as such put that girl who can not turn the pages of a paper magazine because he wants to use as if it were a tablet. Your video was most viewed on YouTube.
Some educators say about tablets …

Professor Leandro López González, the IES Las Salinas del Mar Menor (La Manga) wrote a paper on ‘The use of the Tablet PC and PDA use in the practice of teaching’ which lists the advantages of using these devices:

You can replace a traditional slate tablet connected to a projector. The handwriting recognition module allows to show the whole class what is written or displayed from a single tablet.
You can save the texts on the screen to print, e students, etc..
The user can highlight or underline the contents directly and include comments. You can work with documents in any format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, websites, etc..)
Approach the subject from another point of view to incorporate photographs, videos, presentations in real time.

The media have also been echoed in classrooms including tablets and have collected the favorable opinions of teachers. Among them that motivates pupils and their learning is faster because the contents are of a more attractive. Also, to share the results of exercises run less risk that a student is left behind. Finally, and not least important, develop greater interaction between teachers and students and among the latter.
Requirements for the widespread use of tablets in the classroom

In addition to the technical requirements specified by the Technology Observatory, such as operating system compatibility tablets and whiteboards, simple applications have annotation, writing or highlighting, not to forget the cost involved adapting traditional classrooms about 2.0. (Schools, colleges, universities), the need for training courses for teachers and students about the use of these new resources and the development of educational content and educational tools adapted to these devices, among others.

Ultrabooks, the new benchmark in portable

Modern, light, fast and with great autonomy. So is the Ultrabook, the new Intel-inspired technological commitment.

The Ultrabooks are the latest sensation to hit the market technological hand Intel, a company that has opted for these computers of reduced dimensions, lightweight (weighing about a kilo), and great performance.

The tactile system, the sensors, graphics, energy and performance are some of the features that differentiate these devices, along with its usability (reversible and versatile screens) and efficiency makes them so attractive to its users. So brands like Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Acer and Asus have also created this type of devices based on Intel technology.

The Ultrabooks are Intel’s bid to compete directly with its great rival, the MacBook Air from Apple. Thus, the U.S. firm chaired by Paul Otellini was the first to create a model that combines the benefits of a notebook with the versatility of an netbook, and cope with the rise of tablets.
Ultrabook Features

With the slogan ‘Laptop when you need it, anytime tablet’ Intel (world leader in processors for PCs) decided to create in 2011 a new category of notebook systems with next generation processors. Their goal: to make models that share a number of common characteristics that made them unique and distinct from other technology products that were on the market.

A21 mm thickness not higher in the whole screen and not exceeding 5.
Metal housing that dissipates heat better.
Battery five to eight hours of battery life.
Solid memory HDD (SSD. Solid-state drive).
Intel low voltage (ULV).
On snap.
Systems art security with automatic locking devices.

These features increase the mobility and applicability to daily activities. Some properties that are attracting many lovers (and users) of laptops and Merrill Lynch U.S. company forecast sales of Ultrabooks in 2012 would be 15 million units, up 7 percent of the total in this segment, and 50 million in 2013, up 20 percent.
Advantages of Ultrabooks

His fast start operating makes you instantly, thanks to Intel Rapid Start technology, so that changes from the active standby mode in less than seven seconds.
The power consumption is very low Ultrabooks resting state, when you e-mail, social networking accounts or various applications are updated automatically.
Security. In case of theft or loss Intel anti-theft technology as blocks and only the owner can unlock the system password. It also protects the owner’s identity by ensuring that websites that have been discharged and the social networks in which it participates know who it is when you connect.
Its touchscreen provides great precision and control. With the Windows 8 operating system improves compatibility, performance and flexibility.

Ultrabooks Intel has created also with the possibility of use in laptop or tablet mode. This means that the screen can be removed and as a tablet, so it increases the possibility of being used in confined spaces.

Also, the company has signed an agreement Otellini with the U.S. company also Devicescape whereby Ultrabooks will automatically connect to available wireless networks anywhere in the world.

The main problem that Ultrabooks is its price (average is close to 1,000) euros, but it depends on the brand, features and benefits it offers to its users. So, you can find devices on the market around 500 euros and over 2,000 units.

Also it is a system that is still in development yet, so improvements are being made in each new version that manufacture companies. Still, with the Ultrabooks has opened a new market niche that aims to reach “the lovers” design, mobility and high performance.